Safe Tips To Whitening Your Teeth At Home

IMG_0224Are you envious of the bright, white smiles that you see on TV or in the movies? Are you afraid to smile because your teeth are stained or discolored? Do you think that getting white teeth requires a lot of painful and expensive dental procedures?

If so, you should know that there are safe, natural teeth whitening techniques that you can use at home. You do not need to visit the dentist or use expensive products to get a smile you can be proud of. A few simple things that you can do in your own home can be enough to give you a great smile.

There are two basic steps to whitening your teeth. First, you have to reduce the amount of staining that occurs. Second, you need to find ways to remove the stains and discolorations that are already present.

To minimize further staining, it is important to prevent certain substances from coming into contact with your teeth. Many beverages, such as tea, coffee, and soda, contain dyes or other chemicals that can discolor your teeth. When you are drinking soda or juice, use a straw instead of drinking straight from the glass or bottle. This prevents the beverage from getting on your teeth.

Once you have finished your drink, rinse your mouth with warm water right away to dilute any acids that could weaken your enamel. Once you have finished rinsing, brush your teeth to remove any dyes. If you do not, they can quickly start to stain your teeth. A toothpaste made with baking soda can help scrub away stains.

Another good tip to remember about getting your teeth white at home is to floss regularly. While brushing your teeth can help remove stains from the front of your teeth, flossing will help get rid of stains between your teeth. It also helps keep your teeth healthier.


Eating crunchy, fibrous foods can also help remove stains from your teeth. Carrots, apples, and bell peppers can work like natural toothbrushes. As you chew them, the pieces scrub your teeth, removing any food particles that may be trapped on or between them. The longer that you chew, the cleaner your teeth become.

Strawberries are a delicious summer treat, but you may not know that they can also help your smile look whiter and brighter. These berries contain malic acid, which is an effective means of removing stains and discolorations from teeth. For the best results, mash the berries into a paste and rub it on your teeth.

However, if you have stains that just refuse to come off, you should talk to your dentist about other forms of treatment. A dentist can advise you on which products are most effective to use at home.

Having stained or yellow teeth makes many people feel self-conscious or ashamed. Do not let your smile keep you from enjoying life. With these teeth whitening techniques, you will soon have a bright, white smile that you can be proud of!